I need help on my cooking game

I want the person to order something and then I serve it to them. the serving and the ordering Is the problem. Can anyone help?

I tweaked the game a bit, see if this helps! https://makecode.com/_64YPVVXs55aw

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It didn’t work. It kept pausing after the order was given out

Okay I’ll fix it

I think this might work https://makecode.com/_XqyEcKYgaAVc

i made some changes here! I also added notes to explain what I did - lemme know if you have thoughts!

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After I make the food. I can make him go away and get another customer

I didn’t even make his food yet

And my ingredients did go down. Any ideas @livcheerful

wait what’s the behavior you’re seeing again? have you changed the code? I left TODOs in it - the code I dropped won’t have the customer leaving, or checking to see if it’s correct

I looked for what he wanted to order, and then after i pressed A after the string of text, he already said yay i love my food and he didnt leave

ah yeah I just left that as a TODO if you want to try it out!

you should check the order, and based on if it’s right, return true or false in this function

and for having him leave, I left another spot here:

where you should add the behavior of destroying the customer and then creating a new one

So on the function, you left the check order to make me use it to see if it’s correct or bot

What should I add, the order variable

Yeah! You should check the ingredients you’ve collected so far, and see if it fits the order

What if i have like 5 of each ingriedient? will it say that the order is wrong

Also what do i put in the “true”

so I would do something like this:

but for all the possible meals.

And returning just “true” or “false” will be fine!

Would i need to do that 3 time for the sauce and shrimp, and the rice and suce?

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yessssss! you can use a loooong “if else” statement, and have three “true” cases, and one “false” case