I need help with low fps

I’m working on a game by the name of project: Hoplings, and the framerate is so bad that it makes it absolutely unplayable by any definition. what’s causing this?

If you send the code I (or other people) could help you

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i am not the smartest man but if i see the code and what the game is about i might be able to help

If you have too many pauses that can create lag, you may need to take some or all out. If this is the problem, then you can use the “Timer” extension instead of pauses.

When you press the menu button you can see the amount of loaded sprites. Having an overabundant number of sprites can bring even the simulator to its knees so you should check that first. If you don’t manage to debug it like that, you could post the code here so forum users can check it out and help

You could try instead of having multiple forever blocks just have one, also you should probably post your code so we can help you better.