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I need help with the Microbit inputs

Hey again.
I have a question, can you give the Micro:bit V2 a 5th input without using a breadboard and wires? This is because of my new invention, the Pedometimer (basically a timer that can also be a pedometer). I’ve been trying to design the pedometer function but I’ve run out of local inputs to use that are on the Micro:bit. Someone please help, thanks.

My code:

I know the name is different forgot to change it before I published it.


Have a look at …

Maybe this will help ?

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@dsssssssss9 thanks a lot, I completely forgot about the fact that the V2 logo can accept different types of inputs, and i also forgot about the pins (I’m too used to the Kitronik Inventor’s Kit just letting me connect my microbit to a breadboard without crocodile clips)

Not a problem…

It’s one of the joys of the MicroBit, that despite seeming so simplistic, there is always something knew to (re) learn about it ?

Your project sounds great , any chance of updates either here or via YT / blog etc ?

@dsssssssss9 all of my Micro:bit and MakeCode Arcade advancements are usually talked about here on the forum, so no need to worry about YouTube :smiley: