I tried doing javascript on the first time

I always got this feeling that this would take me a long time and it took me two hours for this simple game.


Heck yeah, this is great! Congrats!!

What was the most confusing or frustrating part of switching to Javascript? We’d love to make this experience easier

the blocks dragging into the text was easy so all im trying to do is remembering what to do and what to type in. its confusing for the first time but i believe that it will be easier to remember.

Do you think you guys could make tutorials on javascript like on those beginner games like galga and chase the pizza so then they can pick to chose javascript or blocks or python?

It would be great if you could

That’s actually a new feature that come with the last release:

We’re still making some edits to the tutorials to make sure all languages work, but there are several available / they should be able to be followed with minimal bugs :slight_smile:


That’s cool. I haven’t seen the tutorials in a while