I'm making an OS for Makecode Arcade, do you want to help?

Hello, thank you for clicking on my topic!

I’m currently making an OS for Arcade, and I might need some help. It’s called “TxinkiaOS”.

(“Txinkia” is “Small” in Basque, I chose that name because it’s going to be made for small devices or maybe because it’s going to be a small project, but I can’t decide myself on that one.)

I just started with the project, so if you want to, you can give me ideas for the logo or something.

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I’d love to help!

I will help but whats OS

Ok, you can help me with graphics and part of the code, I’ll do Blocks maybe and if you know how to, please make certain parts in JS/TS/Python.
I’m also going to do the sound design and general audio

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Lol, I can try, but most of my JS knowledge is 5 years old 0_0
I am very good at graphics and blocks though!

OS is Operating System.

What is an Operating System?

An operating system (OS) manages all other applications and programs in a computer, and it is loaded into the computer by a boot program. It enables applications to interact with a computer’s hardware. Through a designated application programme interface, the application programmes request services from the operating system (API). The kernel is the software that contains the operating system’s core components. To run other programmes, every computer has to have at least one operating system installed.

Visualize an OS like this.

Screenshot 2023-06-14 14.47.26 (1)

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Ok Also can i help

For sure

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Sure! :smile:

Very important update!

TxinkiaOS is changing to PixOS! A new design format has been chosen.