I'm stuck in JavaScript and can't convert back to blocks!

After pulling changes that my friend made in github, it just converted all the block code into JavaScript automatically without me clicking the button and when I try to convert the code to blocks it just says “Oops, something went wrong trying to convert your code.” We both code with blocks and I know very little JavaScript, so I have to use blocks. It tells me nothing about why it can’t convert, it just says “Oops!” There’s not even a “problems reported” anywhere. Everything seems perfectly fine and convertible to blocks.

Please help!


This seems like a MakeCode issue. Could you share your code/repo so I or the team can look into this?

top link is to repo
bottom link is to game

I have the same problem, I was using blocks for my game and I was going to assets but accidently clicked on Javascript. I tried to go back to blocks but it had the same error - ‘Oops, there is a problem converting your code. We are unable to convert your JavaScript code back to blocks. You can keep working in JavaScript or discard your changes and go back to the previous Blocks version.’ and I don’t know what to do.
Can you please help me?