I'm trying to make a multiplication game kind of thing but it would take 144 different kinds of multiplication problems

I seriously don’t want to do this

Could you explain a bit more what the game needs to do / maybe fill in the random = 0 case as an example? I highly doubt you will need a different branch for each, but I don’t know that I understand what you’re going for :slight_smile:

multiplication problems form 1-12

i’m gonna splash it and then when they press A, it will show the answer

Hm, so you want to just pick a random multiplication problem from two values between 0 and 12, and multiply them together? as in have it splash 2x4 to start and then splash 8?

I tried using the roulette thing on YouTube and used the 1-12 on two rows but now I’m trying to add in the answers

Oh, I thought you meant something like https://makecode.com/_cd2WtjLzPE76 .

If you want to print out a multiplication table, you wouldn’t want it to be random; you can use loops (for let index from 0 to 4) from 0 to 12, and print each number. You would probably want to nest the loops, which can be a bit annoying in blocks, but you can use a function. I’ll make an example real quick, one sec

Maybe something like https://makecode.com/_9sgVJ9iDCTfE ?

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That is exactly what i tried to make

I tried doing a pick random of 1 -144

that would’ve cost me a lot of time

your ideas are mindblowing


This is very educational

It was for my sister who couldn’t do multiplication well
It’s practice for her @LCProCODER

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Very thoughtful of you

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I made this with answer typing in it this time

Thanks @jwunderl

Hey @jwunderl and @LCProCODER

Try this out to see if its a 2.0 in your opinion