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Importing Pixel art

Is there any way to import pixel art my students have created outside of Arcade MakeCode?

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You can use this, switch it to javascript, paste the code, then switch back to blocks.

There are two tools that I know of that do this:

self promotion hehe.

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You can also do them in the pixel art maker thing. If you just click crtl+v, in the pixel art, it’ll paste.

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hey is there a way to make animations with this

You might need to like repeat the process a few times with different images and then it should be good. They gotta be different images and then stick it in an animation block or java code and then it could probably work. (Hypothesis)

Thank you for this! I will be sharing it with my students tomorrow and let you know how it goes.

is there a way to make it so the space around the image i imported isn’t all black that really messes with the art

so i found something but everytime i use it it just brakes the game

can someone show me how to use this

is there a way to import mp3 files to the editor