Info Screens extension in Blocks - My syntax must be malformed

I’ve started adding some syntactic sugar to my Info Screens extension to accommodate Blocks. I’m running into some oddities, both in production and in beta.

The code for the extension is in custom.ts (i.e. the game is not actually loading the extension from GitHub). Things to try:

  • Switch to JavaScript mode, and then switch back to Blocks. You’ll notice that some of the properties do not resolve back to their Blocks form; instead, they stay as JavaScript blocks. Strange. I don’t remember running into this before … at least, not to this extent. My blocks annotations must be malformed somehow…?
  • After working in Blocks mode for a while, you are unable to pull blocks out of the toolbox. Of course, now that I type this, I can’t reproduce it. :slight_smile: I didn’t notice a pattern to my actions; it just stopped working for me. When I’d refresh the tab, it would start working again.

Thoughts on either of these points would be appreciated!