Interval extension - interval handlers that can be unusbscribed

If you want to repeatedly do something in your game, you can add a callback method to game.onUpdateInterval like game.onUpdateInterval(500, () => doSomething()) . But you cannot unsubscribe this callback from being executed - never.

If you want to do something periodically but only for a certain time, the pxt-interval extension can help you:
It’s a typescript-only extension and cannot be used in block mode.

A callback handler that is registered to be executed in a given interval can also be unsubscribed again. The call to Interval.on returns a function that can be called to do the unsubscription:

const unsubscribe = Interval.on(500, () => doSomething());

Here’s an example how to fire projectiles every 500 milliseconds for 3 seconds:

const unsubscribe = Interval.on(500, () => sprites.createProjectileFromSprite(myImage, mySprite, 50, 0));
setTimeout(() => unsubscribe(), 3000);

Another example that lets a spaceship shoot until it’s getting destroyed:

const spaceShip = sprites.create(someSpaceshipImage);
spaceShip.setFlag(SpriteFlag.AutoDestroy, true);

const unsubscribe = Interval.on(500, () => {
    `, spaceShip, 0, -80);

spaceShip.vx = 30;
spaceShip.onDestroyed(() => unsubscribe());

Using it in your project

To use this extension in your javascript project, choose “Advanced > Extensions…” and enter in the search box.

This extension uses the pxt-heap extension to easily fetch the next callback handler that should be executed.


This is really helpful - thanks!