Introducing Asteroids!

I’ve finished my first arcade clone to the point where I think it’s suitable for others to play. Introducing: My version of Asteroids.

The game was done entirely in Blocks, and it is massive. It’s so big that, if you switch to JavaScript mode, you can’t switch back to Blocks. Here’s a screen shot of the design surface. I can only fit about a quarter of the design surface on my laptop screen at once:

Despite its size, the game feels very playable, thanks to the amazing MakeCode Arcade engine. Things get a little slow if you try to edit the game … but it’s workable.

Because it was done in Blocks, there is some code duplication, but it’s pretty negligible. Also, because I wanted to stay in Blocks, I had to create a couple of extensions to pull that off. I’ve created a Rotate Sprites extension, which was inspired by @ChaseMor’s previous work, plus an extension to be able to write strings onto images (which you already can do in JavaScript). See my previous posts for more information on both of those.

I’ve had a blast creating this game. There still are some tweaks that I’ll make down the road. At the very least, I want to add some sound effects. No, I don’t recommend making a game of this size in Blocks. I did it merely as a demonstration that it’s possible. Besides, I wanted it for the course I’m writing. :slight_smile:

Give it a go! Have fun!


Impressive! Looks like we have a new gaming master to challenge @Vidget

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:slight_smile: Thanks, @Gus! It’s just way too fun to play and to create in this environment. I’m spending way too much time playing and I need to start writing eventually. But … so … much … fun…

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I think you did a GREAT job on this with Block Code.
How long did this take?
Making any others?
I was looking for a great two player 80’s game called RipOff made by Cinematronics and landed your project here. Would you be interested in making this game?
Search Youtube “cinematronics arcade game rip off”

Welcome, @jimfalbo!

Thanks much! This was the first major project that I created in MakeCode Arcade while it was in very early beta. The project probably took me a couple of weeks from start to finish, as I was still figuring out how to work around some of the editor’s early limitations. I probably would build this game quite differently with the editor that we have today. Perhaps sometime down the road, I will.

As this was one of my very early posts, it does not even include my typical signature! :slight_smile: You can find a lot of my MakeCode projects here:

Alex’s Site - MakeCode Arcade (

I’m not familiar with RipOff, but I definitely will look into it! I’m always looking for games that I can use in my textbooks.

I saw that you posted in another thread about Simon Says. I’ll reply there, as well.

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@AlexK how do you make your own site?

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@SoftTalker I’ve used Google Sites for quite a while for my personal site. If you have a Google account, you can create your own site, too!

I’m planning on creating a web site just for MakeCode users to collect and share their projects, too. That’s a project for me later in the summer, though. I’ll let y’all know when that’s ready!

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OK; I took a look at Rip Off by Cinematronics. What a cool game! It’s on the list. No guarantees, but I really like the concept.

I know Cinematronics from their laser disc games, but I never investigated their earlier, vector-based games. Thanks for sharing this, @jimfalbo !

You’re welcome Alex. My best friend and I used to play that game because it was one of the first two player collaborative shooter games in the '80s. Hope you do it we would love to play it. Thanks for responding.

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