Is there any way to make a sprite orbit around another one?

Is there any way to make a sprite orbit around another one? im trying to have a boss fire an invisible projectile with 4 others orbiting around it in a circle. Is this possible without using the animation block?

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Maybe something like this?

You’d almost definitely want to smooth it out a bit – e.g. maybe make it so the on game update sets a ‘target angle’ on the sprite as sprite data, and another loop that goes over and moves them towards target angle, so that they don’t just ‘snap’ to the new locations, and also add some logic for when to add new ones into the pool / make it so they aim at the player, but I tried to keep it pretty simple as a starting point :slight_smile:

I’m using my jwunderl/arcade-sprite-util extension just to make the code a little simpler with ‘place at angle’ blocks / handle conversion from degrees to radians


Definitely! I don’t think i can show a concise solution… if you send the code I can try and add it myself!

holy hell, i fell like an idiot right now. thank you so much.

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wait, YOU made arcade sprite utils? your extension is the most useful one in my project.

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I’m so sorry… can you say this in simpler terms? Sorry…

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