Issue in SkillMaps - Game Maker Guide

I am running a small workshop using SkillMaps and I have asked participants to do the “Game Maker Guide”.

We found a couple of issues:
1- Third Step of second activity: “Simple Enemies”, if the steps are followed to the letter, the enemy will follow the player in all directions (flying into the player), there needs to be an acceleration Y reset to 0 for the enemy if spawned.

2- Fourth Step: “Multiple Levels”, when creating the StartNextLevel function not everything should be dragged into the function, otherwise the game will not work correctly and the level will not start (the game will go to Win screen).
The following elements should stay in “onstart”:

  • set “mysprite” to …
  • move “mySprite” with …
  • set “mySprite” ay (acceleration y) …
  • cmaer follow sprite “mySprite”.

If the above calls are moved to the StartNextLevel, it seems something is happening and there is an overlap detection and the game logic goes through all levels in few frames and just displays the Win screen.

Again, the above has happened with all participants of the workshop

Tagging @KIKIvsIT here for skillmap issues

Thanks for the feedback! We’re going to do an overhaul of our skillmaps after our next release and I’ll make sure this in on our list.

Just out of curiosity, @Josephksa, why did you choose Game Maker Guide instead of Jungle Jump?


Thank you. There was no reason actually for choose Game Maker Guide. We can switch to Jungle Jump.