issue topic

here is a topic to post issues and help needed for the games you want to make and help others

let me kick this off by asking a few questions

how do you stop the background from scrolling with the scroller extension ?

how to you stop all movement on a sprite so if you press the controls or jump button it wont work so you can open menus and that withought controlling the sprite in the background?

and how do you make a sprite invinicible in the best way possible ?

can you make a custom shaded colour for water shade ?

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  1. If you are scrolling with the camera, set the background camera scrolling multipliers to 0. If you are scrolling with vx/vy, then set the vx and vy to 0


  1. I usually make a function like this:


  1. The easiest way to make a sprite invincible is to set one or more of the “ghost” flags to true. Just keep in mind that the ghost flags will turn off ALL overlaps with tiles/sprites, not just the ones for enemies. Like this:


  1. I’m not sure I understand the question. Arcade is limited to 16 colors, you can never have more than 16 on the screen at any one time. It is possible to change the palette to a different set of 16 colors with the color changing extension or by changing your project settings (though that can be risky)
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