JavaScript block?

It would be great if the gray blocks had like a text box in it so we could edit it without going to JavaScript mode.

So instead of this:

It would look more like this:

And you can click inside the box to type in it, and a size grip would probably be mandatory so you could fit more text inside.

I would like to think that this would be useful, in like maybe a teaching setting so the teacher could teach a little JS without dumping the students in a full-on text language. Or it could be useful when you want to input just a tiny bit of JS commands without wanting to switch to text mode and back because the larger the program, the more time it takes to load the blocks when you go back.

Just a thought.


well, it would not be much like a “JavaScript” block if you can edit it in blocks! but your idea is awsome!

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That was the original design, actually! We decided to make them readonly to make it harder to break your program. Feel free to open an issue on though!

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Just filled it!