Jelp meee plsss

Help pls smth went wrong and idk how to fix it keeps sayign NaN and undenfined not materr what i do if anyone can fix it plss

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It’s happening here when the game first loads:
Screenshot by Dropbox Capture

I’m guessing that you don’t have the settings initialized at the beginning of the game, so they’re coming through as undefined. You need to do something similar to your “Savesetting” function right after you declare all of your variables.

Screenshot by Dropbox Capture

Give that a shot and see what happens!

(maybe) at the beginning of the on start block, add a block:
[set coin to (0)]
or whatever the coin var is called.

hope this helps.

I tryed what u did kikivsIT but know when I reset it sets my coind and stats to 0

fixed it I needed to put it at the end, (your both lifesavers!) next problem do u knwo how to make it have my sword on respawn of I have already talked to the mayor?