Jumping parkour (added 2 levs )

This game is good, but I dont like how you cant see the platforms you are jumping to.

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Thats wyhy its so hard. trial and error

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even if you do “trial and error” you STILL dont know where it is! Rating: 3 stars

i got pass it. You can too.!!

You got passed it because YOU made it!

Thats not true. it still took me 7 trys on the first level and 8 on the next

it took me 45 times on the first and 63 times on the second

Maybe make something that makes the platforms visible for just a second in a “on game update”?

yea that might work!

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Yes, but i like a challenge and thats why i made it hard

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My idea would still make it a challenge, and you can always have more levels with no flashing blocks if you want to, you’ll just have to retrofit it to each level. The coding itself would also be a challenge.