Key Rooms

Welcome to the Key Rooms! Navigate your way through 10 black-and-white levels! Get the key in each level to move on! The levels get harder as you go!

Game specifics:

There is a key in each level, but sometimes the key is behind a door that requires a code to get through! The codes get longer and more difficult throughout the level! Sometimes, the code will be split up across the level, and you’ll need to figure out the order the numbers go in!

Adding levels onto this game is super easy! If this game gets popular enough, I will add more levels!


If the levels are too easy, you can challenge yourself to find the hidden coin on each level! The coin in only one shade above black, so it’s hard to see!

Have fun, and good luck! :slight_smile:


rage games…


I beat the third level! ( ´ ▽ ` )

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Great game, but I have an idea for the password quirk! You could put a number in each level the player has to remember and then make all the numbers combined the password on the final level!

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Interesting idea, @Sarge! I could put a black number in each level that you need to enter for the password in level 11, which I could make accessible only if you’ve collected the black coin from each level! (Just brain storming.)

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Alright, @Sarge (and everyone else who has played this game)! I’ve added in the 11th level! If you collect the black coin from each level, then you’ll be able to reach it! You might want to get something to write the code down with, because the code for the 11th level has one component on each of the other levels! (Each number goes in the order it’s found. The number in level one is the first number in the level 11 code, etc.) The code numbers are dark gray.
P.S. There’s also a black coin in the 11th level.

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