Kirby's Adventure Arcade!

This is a legitimate remake of Kirby in Microsoft Makecode Arcade. It is inspired by Kirby’s Adventure for the NES, and Kirby’s Dreamland for the Gameboy. Of course, it is called Kirby’s Adventure Arcade because it is in color, and Kirby’s dreamland is in grayscale.

There has been talks about a Kirby game, but there never really was a complete and polished one.
Examples: Kirby (Work In Progress), KIrby’s Ball Adventure, and even Kirbys dreamland adventure which doesn’t have a game, it is just one post with one sentence. All of the art for the Kirby and enemy sprites is made by Nintendo, I just redrew it.

Well, enough mumbo-jumbo, let me show you the game.

Press left and right arrow keys to move
Press up to jump
Press A to breathe in air and fly
Press B to shoot out a star if you have your cheeks filled with air
Press the down arrow to suck in an enemy
Press the Up arrow when you overlap a door to move on

I have only made 1 level so far, and a boss fight, mainly because it was getting very glitchy. When I would open it up, it would have my code, but it would not show that it was saved, so I made a duplicate. luckily I did, because I just checked back before posting this and the original got deleted.

I might add more to this in the future, like more levels, more animations, bosses, and blocks that you can break. I meant to add the Green Greens theme, but It was too hard, so If you decide to make it with the new song editor, that would be great.

I started this a long time ago, but I couldn’t get the slopes to work so I left it. but 2 days ago I decided just to not add slopes, and it turned into this.

Oh wow, this is one long post. I just need to say one more thing before I end this. This is also an engine, so you can pretty easily modify this into your own Kirby level.




Krby fan here too


Incredible animation!

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Dude i did make a game it didn’t post for a dumb reason :frowning: i worked hard on it and made a diff game mode


Umm i glitched it also not to hate but i made it so i was moonwalking :rofl: