Korotama game

The game repeats popular in Japan game machine. 3 levels. Control by d-pad.


Super challenging and really fun! Nice work!

Korotama pro
The same game but with the addition of programming instead of playing by pressing d-pad buttons.
When A button pressed, the program input window appears. At the end of entering the program, it immediately executed.
The program is a string with the first letters of the button names (u, d, l, r) and the numbers behind it. For example, “u7l5” means pressing Up button 7 times, then Left button 5 times.
200 ms are allocated to execute each command. The pause is set by the command a with digit. For example “a5” means 1 sec pause.
Command z with digit deletes characters from the end of the program. For example, “z2” will delete the last 2 characters, not counting characters “z2”.
When exiting the game, the program is saved. It restored when the game restarts.

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Bug fixed

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