Language Arts and Jacdac

testing this program on laptop and cell phone. There is supposed to be a “monitor icon” which you can click to make the simulator appear. If button 1 is pressed in simulator then the text should appear explaining what a participle is and demonstrating this action by installing the servo simulator which then rotates a horn. I do not have it working on Android phone as yet but seems to nearly work on laptop. A retired school teacher thinks the idea has merit for English teachers to introduce physical coding with a new lively simulation. Thanks Jacdac team !

I think this is an improvement from the above. English or history teachers could become Computer Science teachers using this lively simulator from Microsoft for MakeCode . We do not have hardware for the Jacdac system as yet but it still has merit in schools:
Microsoft has developed this new environment which has a full-on simulator for hardware using MakeCode and other environments. Here we present a program showing its use before the mated hardware is delivered. The point is: an English teacher could now become a computer science teacher by using MakeCode simulator for Jacdac to show language arts lessons. For this to work at this time you must click on the URL below, click on Simulator, click on the “monitor icon” then click on the button and you will learn the basic lesson and see the action :