Leaderboard Extension Finished?

I saw an arcade advance stream on making a leaderboard extension and was wondering if it was ever finished? @richard @jwunderl @shakao @livecheerful

Thank you!

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Ah, nope! I definitely forgot to finish that one… I’ll move it up in my todo queue :slight_smile:


Wait, @richard , you have a queue for extensions? I’m actually kind of new here, so can you just introduce yourself please? Thanks.

Thank you @richard!

hahaha nothing that formal! i just always have a bunch of extensions that i’m currently working on. i’m one of the developers who makes makecode and i host the arcade livestream on twitch three times a week with @jwunderl (another dev on the team and frequent extension writer)

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Cool! @jwunderl is an awesome guy too. Used his a-star extension for my tower defense game. I might watch one of your livestreams one time if my parents let me. Thanks!