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Lego Mindstorms Robot Inventor (EV4?) support

I’m looking for a way to use the work for Robot Inventor set. I saw someone referring to it as EV4. It quite different in its looks and connections but quite the same in its abilities.
Any idea how I can do this?
Currently it only works on my phone, and it’s quite annoying. I have a Samsung Tab E which is too old and not getting updated (stuck with version 4.4.4) and besides I want to use it anywhere so a web tool looks like the smart choice, except this one only supports EV3.
Any plans on adding EV4/Robot Inventor support (in the settings panel or something?)


I found this GitHub repo:
Perhaps someone can use it to integrate the feature request? (of course while keeping license terms) or if possible explain to me how to do it myself?

Especially with LEGO officially announcing that EV3 is retiring, does anyone know about efforts underway on SPIKE Prime for MakeCode?