Level One Repeats

I need some help with my platformer.
I have multiple levels, but the first level always repeats itself and I can’t figure it out.

From what I can tell, the actual level selection part of it seems fine; it may be where you’re calling it that is causing the problem.

Would it be possible to share the game link?
In the editor, there’s 5 buttons on the top bar on the right. Click the one labeled here:

At that point, click “share project” and press the “:link: Copy” button. Then paste it here.

Sure, here’s the link:

Could you share the game link? It could be possible you aren’t adding a variable at the end or something else.

Yes, that is possible. Here’s the game link, could you have a look at it for me?

set the “Current_level” variable to 1 at the start

Oh yes, thank you so much, it works now! :smile:

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