Link's Treasure Hunt Test Game

See later posts for the latest version

Still a work in progress. Thought I would share. I am awaiting my adafruit pygamer to show up. I had never used a block style coding program before. It was interesting to see what it was capable of. Still seems to be missing some things, but is still in beta. Hopefully they continue with arcade makecode.

The game is just a sprite of Link and he can go into houses and collect gems. Wanted to tryout going into different buildings and you can also go into the forest when you find the ax.

Thanks for looking.


Updated version with items, multiple screens and a goal.

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This is really cool, great work! Seems that we have a few issues with the camera tracking.

Another update:
Added a bigger world
Changed the color pallet
Changed some of the art
Added collision detection so you can only enter the front of a house
Still would like to add more items to the world like a boat, sword, other people, monster, etc


If you’re curious, a way a sword could be implemented into the game is to have a sprite always being set to a certain position based on where Link was and where he was facing, but the sword sprite’s image would be blank. When activated, the sprite’s image would change (based on the way Link was facing). It would also be set a type that would hit enemies when they overlap.