Location of lives & countdown

I am just wondering whether it is possible to move the location of lives and the countdown timer. In my game I would rather have it at the bottom of the screen, as the player keeps moving up in the tile map.

I suppose I could build an extra row at the top, and prevent the player from moving there. :thinking:


You could add a text sprite at the bottom.

I was thinking about that as well, but then I realized I wouldn’t see the sprites at the top or bottom, unless I had them scroll, like what the camera does. Since game and info have all those items options set for you, it would be a look a work NOT to use them.

In the end I added an extra row at the top, so when the player moves to the top of the tile map, the HUD elements fit perfect in there as well. :+1:

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You could just set the relative to camera flag.

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