Lunar kind of lander

made by the legandry stream


I can’t figure out how to slow down…

Also, shouldn’t left and right be flipped? when hitting “left” I expect to go left…

Looks great tho!

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The direction inputs in this game work like thrust controls. Pressing left activates left thrust which pushes you right. Pressing down activates downward facing thrust which slows your descent (or can even cause you to climb).

I really enjoyed, like 88% of this game, but there were some oddities when I was downward thrusting near the ground. It seems like the fire sprite counts as part of the craft for the collision testing, so you can crash and/or land by downward thrusting close to the ground.

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Yeah, these oddities are really due to the lack of time to do it right. We should have a ghost sprite attached to the lunar lander to show the thurst. Or better, a particle system to display trust in various directions. So when you press down, the sprite gets bigger and triggers the collision.

We also took a shortcut by using the life count. Which means you can’t just glide when you’re out of fuel.


Here is v2 legendarily produced


This version uses a ghost sprite for the thurst and better handles the “no more fuel” scenario.

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