Makecode and samsung tab a7 lite

GREETINGS FROM MEXICO!! I need a cheap tablet, less than 140 dollars, capable of supporting makecode and connecting via BT or cable to physical Microbit (I have an “old tablet” but it doesn’t run the Makecode simulator), I think Samsung TAB A7 (130 dls) It could help, but I can’t find what minimum processor Makecode requires, and since this tablet has been on the market for some time, I don’t know if it’s compatible. What do you think?.. its features are Android 10 -upgradable to v.11-, 3gb ram, 32gb, and many processor options…what processors do you recommend for this device?

Another question: would the offline version of makecode work on this tablet with all its extensions like nezha and planet x? I am infinitely grateful for your help.

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I have a galaxy tab a7 lite. It seems to work fine with makecode but can get laggy on bigger projects.

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You could use a kindle fire with an adapter!