MakeCode Arcade Game Jam and Video Series

MakeCode Arcade Game Jam – Combined Game Released!

Hey all, starting next Monday, we’ll be hosting our own Game Jam on! We’d love it if you would sign up and submit your own game(s).

EDIT: Final game released! Head to the page to seem the combined game!

The theme is 5 second games. These games will be stitched together to form a mini-game collection, in the spirit of the WarioWare series.

For more information, you can see the blog post here, or go directly to the sign up page on here.

MakeCode Videos

We’ve been gearing up to get in the habit of making videos again. The first one, with Daryl (@darzu) and Shannon (@shakao), came out this past Friday, showing how to start creating the game Bunny Hop.

If you have any feedback, suggestions, or examples you’d be interested in seeing, please let us know!

I’m handling the one due out tomorrow, and the plan is to make an example 5 second game to help start off the contest.


This popped up in my YouTube feed earlier this week. Daryl and Shannon crushed it! Love putting faces and voices with names. Looking forward to seeing all of you in future videos!


And the next video (making a game for the game jam) is here!


Nice work, Joey and Richard! I really liked how you explained the differences in the template compared to a “typical” Arcade game, and I liked how you showed your thought process involved in designing a game. Also, nice example of peer programming! :slight_smile:

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The final game is released!




So many cool and clever games! Happy to see so many developers participated!


Hi, Joey
Oh, what a pity, I missed this jam as a big fun of the Wario.
I am still playing it now and then, and the think of to make a Wario game always comes to my mind. Hope there will be other Wario Jam again.

BTW, just found the link is broken, when I wanna to play the final game you all have made.
I know it past years, but in case possible, would mind share it again. Thanks a lot!

Ah, we actually still have it on the homescreen under the ‘javascript games’ carousel as ‘five second games’:

Oh, how did I miss it
Have a quick try of first games, I like the “guppy” of fishes, just like one of my favorate games before, which playing with mouse (Can’t remember the name)
Thanks very much!

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LOL this was the first game jam I was in mine was the one with the music
maybe my first ever game on make code???

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