MakeCode for VSCode just dropped

I was just browsing the MakeCode channel on YouTube looking for a tutorial related to a forum post when I came across a newly uploaded video: MakeCode is now accesible in VSCode using an extension!
For more info, see:


This is so wonderful!
Can’t believe, I almost missed it, come across on the github in a totally accident. And even nobady replied this post.

Can’t waiting to have a try!

Thank Makecode team for made another great feature! :sparkling_heart:


haha, thanks for the kind words! @jwunderl and I have been working on this.

If you run into any issues, please file them on GitHub here:


Is it possible to config this run against local site ?

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ah, unfortunately not! might be a good idea for the future, @jwunderl? at least some ability to test pxt-common-packages locally. though i guess it’s just for us…


Yeah, i was thinking today on if we should just read from mkc.json for constructing all our webview urls actually. Seems like it’s probably the right thing to do to keep mkc / webview in sync at least.


How can we debug our programs in VSCode? I can set my breakpoints, but haven’t figured out how to run the simulator in debug mode. How can we do this and is this documented? Having access to more debugging options was one reason I wanted to use VSCode.

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@NxNMatrixGL Debugging the simulator is a planned feature but hasn’t been implemented yet! I also want this quite a bit, though, so hopefully I’ll get to work on it soon.

I’m hoping it won’t be too onerous as I had it working once (many years ago)


There was already an extension though