MakeCode Glitches


I just wanted to highlight a few glitches and bugs I’ve seen while working in MakeCode.

  • When having 2 tabs open of the same project, if you’re working on one of the projects, and open the other project in another tab, its a 50/50 if you keep the changes to the project or it gets reverted. This might not be such a terrible thing, but if you have closed your project earlier and have the same project open on another tab without knowing, then try to open said closed tabs your work might be reverted. (Again, its a 50/50 if it happens or not, I lost a lot of work from this before, but sometimes it doesn’t happen)
  • When using the Sprite editor, selecting a sprite, and trying to scale it up the sprite, if you try to grab a corner and enlarge it, it enlarges the whole sprite by 1 pixel in each direction, and then will let you scale in different directions. This can be a little annoying when trying to scale things.
  • Sometimes while trying to import a sprite from another project in Js, it says the project is too large to open in blocks. Refreshing the project might fix it, but it can get annoying when making games with a lot of sprites. (Especially if you’re remaking a game w/different mechanics but keeping the same sprites)
  • When using sounds in a larger project (1000+ lines of code), the sounds occasionally do not stop playing. Refreshing the game works occasionally, but not every time.
  • The game always refreshes twice after changes are done to block code, once right after the changes are made and second after about 10ish seconds into playing. It gets very annoying after a while, especially if your game has a start screen.

These are all of the glitches and bugs I’ve encountered over the past few weeks of using MakeCode. (The 1st one might not be a huge issue, but could be why some people lose a lot of their work unexpectedly.)

With the exception of these few things, its been working quite well!

If its needed my OS is Windows 11, I use Google Chrome, and my GPU is a Nvidia RTX 3070.

Have a great day!