MakeCode Kart

@Agent_14 i was on youtube looking for stuff to help me think of a idea of making a game but then i found this is this your youtube channel

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hello! i have seen the whole conversation and i want to be added as a playable character (car and character) also can i make the blue shell?

I’m working on a new version of my mode 7 project that can do perspective transformations, for now it looks a little warped but I’ll fix it.

Now it’s done but I’ll keep improving it


Nice! Unfortunately it may be difficult to get it running at good performance on mobile hardware. My PyGamer claims your “Mode 7 with perspective” demo is running at 0.4 fps :-/

This could be sped up by moving to integer math and avoiding divides in the inner loop, but I think it’s still going to be a strain unless there’s low-level runtime support for perspective texture lookup. There’s blitRow (see Is it possible to write directly to screen (pixels) on the Arcade? - #8 by mmoskal), but that can’t do perspective correction as far as I know.

Floating point math is 10-100x slower than integer math, so you may be able to get something half-decent even while writing every single pixel from TypeScript.

(from )

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Well, I don’t have hardware to test it, and I am still learning JS, but maybe this optimization can be a good exercise…
I’ll try it!

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tho i have an mobile device that has (usually) less than 200, i once got 130 ping (kinda)

and i think it would be better if it had like a warning before entering that says “Warning! This game is laggy on low end devices, proceed with caution” or something like dat

I made a version of “mode 7 with perspective” that has rotation also.
Mode 7 with perspective and rotation

okei (spanish ok)

Yeah, actually I’m refactoring the entire code, since it’s a bunch of mashed together projects and it ended up being pretty slow on hardware.

Hey, @Agent_14, have you done anything for the game

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Not really, I haven’t done much coding this summer.

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VS me, who as done so much coding in the summer alone

my character

my kart is a white sneakers

don’t ask why

That’s what’s it mostly is, but we are making our own version.

I worked a while on a blocks raycast engine for MakeCode Kart.


How does this work?

@Nome_muito_criativo The way the program works is it draws rays out from your location every frame and it there is something there it displays a pixel. This program is very basic, only rendering 320 pixels, mostly because it lags VERY hard if I render more pixels.

Controls: hold up to go forward, down to go backwards, left and right to turn left and right.