MakeCode Kart

Not really, I haven’t done much coding this summer.

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VS me, who as done so much coding in the summer alone

my character

my kart is a white sneakers

don’t ask why

That’s what’s it mostly is, but we are making our own version.

I worked a while on a blocks raycast engine for MakeCode Kart.


How does this work?

@Nome_muito_criativo The way the program works is it draws rays out from your location every frame and it there is something there it displays a pixel. This program is very basic, only rendering 320 pixels, mostly because it lags VERY hard if I render more pixels.

Controls: hold up to go forward, down to go backwards, left and right to turn left and right.

Happy birthday, @Nome_muito_criativo !!


I think you could optimize it some, it’s kinda slow, at least in my computer.

Happy birthday @Nome_muito_criativo . I just found out what that symbol next to your name means lol

happy birthday / feliz aniversário

yeah, I have optimized it some, but its hard to render 320 sprites at once

320 sprites?! You could instead plot pixels on the background image. There are even blocks for that


OH! WHOOPS! lol I didn’t even know that! Thanks! I’ll probably dev something plotting background pixels this weekend or next weekend (since I don’t have any time during the weekdays because of school.)

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It’s right here if you can’t find it:


I’ll probably work on a version that uses the background this weekend or next weekend If I don’t have too much homework but most likely not on weekdays because I have school.


Ok, yesterday I worked on a version that uses the background and renders 54x20 pixels (1080 pixels), instead of 320, which the old one had. This is the highest resolution in which the simulator would render over 30fps (using my rendering method, which is probably somewhat inefficient.)

It won’t run on my end

Sorry, I think that link broke. Here’s one that works.
(I’m uploading from mobile cuz I’m on a trip so there might not be an image)