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Just checking if y’all like it

plus if you want your game on here just reply saying…

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(Here is a list of games you could add if you wanted!)

Fairytales of Old Crater City
My (Randomuser’s) First real game on the forum! It is a choose-your-own adventure game where you can get up to 7 endings.

A fun game where you photograph 12 different bugs in a beautiful and aesthetic environment!

An audio-based relaxing game about creating the musical electrical grid of a city!

My Completely Normal Pet Garden Simulator
Have you ever wanted to take care of your own completely normal pets? Well now you CAN! Meet your new randomly generated ‘dogs’, feed them, talk to them, watch them run around, replace them… etc! Every ‘dog’ is unique!


Done! :grinning:
All Your Games Are on There.


here are some of mine:

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Screenshot 2023-02-28 at 11.02.13 PM

Wake up, hero! The kingdom of Hyrule needs your help to defeat Phantom Ganon! Explore the land that is Hyrule!


WASD - Move
B - Master Sword
A - Hylian Shield

Some Features:

  • A map
  • A merchant to buy weapons from
  • Multiple NPCs


Screenshot 2023-02-28 at 11.03.46 PM

Battle against your friends in this small 2-player multiplayer game!


  • Player 1
    AD to Move
    W to Jump
    S to Reload
    E (B) to Shoot
    Q (A) to use ability (Which is going back in time and regaining health and ammo.)

  • Player 2
    JL to Move
    I to Jump
    K to Reload
    U (A) to Shoot
    O (B) to use ability (Which is cloaking. When you press I (Jump) when the exclamation mark is present (Meaning you are close to the other player), you can backstab the other player.)


It would be cool if my game was featured

Its an endless wave game and you have to defend your base


Desert Survival

In this game, you collect food, water, and sticks to make fires in order to survive for as long as you can!

Oregon Trail

Gather your family, buy supplies, and set out on the famous Oregon Trail!


Eat as many of the dots as you can while evading the ghosts!

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Thanks :smiley:

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I Would Like to have my games which include:
Arctic Expedition

Smash Buddies

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Finished :smiley:
Try search For Your Game.


by SoftTalker and Segatendo [improved version]

by the community and SoftTalker


Finished with a few bug fixes.

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Exploration Lands

Adventure through different lands and collect items and artifacts to sell at the general store!

Energy Puzzle

Move the battery through 10 levels and collect all of the energy!

could you add this game?
its multiple games in 1 makecode arcade program

its compatible with both the website and hardware and has no online multiplayer

thanks man

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orry but i created the photographics and the isometiric game is made by me and segatendo

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remember to give credit to @AD_0211 and everybody else that collabed with you:)

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No Problem

Also I Have Done Publishing This Few Games

@Maketendo Pls change the credits

Added categories and custom skill maps :smiley:

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