MakeOS Insider Program

I have created a new Operating System in which I am very proud of. I have only done the setup system, and their is no settings or storage systems in this OS yet

The following is build 14, and the last build will probably be 999,
I would appreciate it if anyone helps, and that’s why I’m putting it in #share-your-arcade-projects-here:collaboration rather than #share-your-arcade-projects-here.


A sneak peek at the next build, with the same pink background as the first screenshot

Build 028 will be a full build, which means it’ll take some time to make. This means it will go as far as the desktop itself.

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btw- @S0m3_random_guy, how’s school? get back on makecode yet? I’ve been a little inactive… help on this would be great as there isn’t really a storage system in this, if there will be one it will be really simple.