Making Action Adventure Games (using Z depth)

I have seen these 16 bit color or so pixel games that are made with engines like game maker or godot. They are made with 2D, and are called Hyper Light Drifter and Resolution. I think that they can be made with makecode (well not everything in the game, just the gameplay) and can be made with Z depth. Well I don’t actually I don’t know how to use z depth. I’m a beginner at makecode arcade and I know only the basics of it. Can you help me?
( I am also requesting a tutorial video on the live stream )

The higher z depth on a sprite you have is going to appear on top.

Sprite one has a z depth of 20
Sprite two has a z depth of 10
Sprite three has a z depth of 30

Sprite 3 will overlap sprite one and two.
Sprite two will go below sprite three and one because he has a lower depth.
Sprite one will go over sprite two and under sprite three


This one only has two sprites

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Try this with z depth
The pink will go over the red because it has a higher z depth.