Mana Mania

Hey! Wanted to show off a game I’m working on. It’s a dungeon crawler type game where you need to defeat all of the enemies in the room to move onto the next one! It’s in early development, so if you find any glitches, bugs, or have any suggestions for level design, mechanics, enemies, or anything of the sort, let me know!

A to shoot in the direction your facing
B to exchange 1 life for 2 mana (Only use this if you need to.)

Spira (Blue fairy) will give you helpful advice, just walk into her to talk.
Iyashi (Green fairy) will heal you to full health and give you max mana!

Don’t shoot Spira and DEFINETLEY Don’t shoot Iyashi.


First of all, I didn’t mean to post the game twice. OOPS.
Second… Well I’m not going to get to into it but I almost got banned for sending the wrong link in my first attempt on posting this game.

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Oh dear

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