Maze Generator

It uses a modified version of the Aldous-Broder algorithm.

| Difficulty | Time (seconds) | Tilemap size | Approx. time to generate |
| Easy       | 30             | 21x15        | <10 seconds              |
| Medium     | 60             | 41x31        | <30 seconds              |
| Hard       | 150            | 81x61        | 3 minutes                |

Hint: The end is currently always in the bottom right!


This looks so cool! So it just generates a maze depending on the difficulty you chose? And the mazes are random.

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Yes! All the mazes are random!

(This would be a perfect opportunity for a random number extension that allows you to create multiple rng objects with seeding!)

Very cool! And I love the fade effects.

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Very cool!

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This feels like a game i would play over and over again.

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This game is really very interesting but for a very big maze the way to find outside is very hard so i use maze solver to easily get idea about paths.Maze Generator & Solver Tool

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