Meowbit pins - anybody used them with arcade yet?


I’d like to try using the gpio pins (the toes!) of my meowbit device, but I’ve run into difficulty. Has anybody here managed to work with them yet – e.g. to detect a button press/release on a button attached via P0 and GND?

I’ve tried adding extension, but it seems to detect or fail to detect the closed circuit randomly when I touch the P0 and GND pins using alligator clips and close the circuit with my hand, or even touch both pins directly with my fingers:

pins.P0.onEvent(PinEvent.PulseHigh, function () {

Anyone got some working code I could try out to see if it’s maybe my device that’s on the blink?

Update: Using the edge-connector extension, I was able to detect when I closed a circuit between P1 and GND pins on my meowbit. I connected alligator clips to those two gold fingers, and then ran this code:

It appears to work – detecting the closed circuit when I touch both alligator clips at once.

I have several videos , usually with code links in the description of the vids, on this channel; many of them with Meowbit with edge connected electronics. Some of those are with specialty power expansion boards like Kittenbot’s Robotbit; some are with plain, non-powered T edge connector to pins as with a Microbit. The only real difference that I have found is that Meowbit does not output sound to pin0 to a speaker as it does for a Microbit to speaker using pin0. Here’s the channel: Happy to answer any questions about our experience:

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