Metal Gear Portable: Path Of Resistance

My Official Return to making games is this project. my main goal for this project is making snake (I need an artist like @AD_0211 to help me.) Some Enemies that can walk around and look for you, Music And Story Ideas! Feel Free to help this project, it would really help me! Also Note that this is a platformer game.
V1 link:


What do you mean by ‘Snake’?

What i mean is solid Snake from the games. he is a character.

I’m assuming he’s refering to the character “Solid Snake” from Metal Gear (which I’m a big fan of btw). He’s the main protagonist of the MGS Franchise.

Sure, I’ll help! What kind of tiles do you want me to draw for you?

Oh, sorry. I haven’t heard of the game before.



Can somebody make a secret base tilemap. PS the game is a platformer.