Metroidvania demo

Here’s a little demo of a metroidvania style game I’ve been working on

This “game” is just a demo; there’s no way to win or lose. I’m posting it here now because I’m switching over to writing it in JavaScript and I thought it might be a good example of a big program written entirely in blocks.

P.S. The JavaScript version of the game is in this GitHub repo and I plan to keep working on it. I’ll post more soon once it’s a little farther along.


You’re right, @richard, this is a big program (1600+ lines) and so a good test for our “motors”. Here’s a vid. of your metro-8 demo installed on Meowbit which is mounted on the Robot:bit power board and then on Lego technic pieces with 2 motors. (code in vid. description) The question was, could Arcade accept your program with extensions and the Robot:bit extension also installed without conflict and then, could the Meowbit handle your game along with running motors? Yes, but I did not add any animation running during motor operation, nor did I double the sprite size (so far, often, these things cause Meowbit crashes). Also, I tried to install your “Overworld” extension into a blank Arcade game but it would not install at least so that some Overworld tool would appear so I used your "game " and installed the Robot:bit extension which usually fails but here it worked.

I’m currently working on something related to this don’t bother or speculate anything, but the code apparently has some errors here. I’ve tried looking through the code through debug, but there seems to be nothing wrong with it. Can anyone find what’s causing the problem here?

Ahhh, this was using a very, very, old version of the tilemaps extension that doesn’t work anymore.

I updated it and fixed the code here:

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thank you