Micro bit problem

When i code the robot and send the hex file to the micro bit i turn on the micro maqueen and it does nothing

Or when i send hex files to the micro bit it instantly delete the files

Hi @Petros_Manos,

The Micro:bit can only hold one program, so when you put one program on it, the old one is erased.

Do any of the lights on the micro:bit come on (front or back)?

Can you share a link to the program you’re trying to use on the Maqueen (Here are instructions to get a link to share it: https://support.microbit.org/support/solutions/articles/19000086289-sharing-a-makecode-project)?

You might want to contact the company that makes Maqueen, DFRobot: https://www.dfrobot.com/.


Yes when i start maqueen there is the icon that i set.

When i Make a movement code i turn on maqueen and then he does nothing.

Plus when i remove the cable from the micro bit it erase everything and only keeps 2 files from chrome and one text file

Hi @Petros_Manos ,

Once you program the file on the Micro:bit, the “program file” won’t show up in the list of files. For example, if I have a file called “myProgram.hex” that I drop on the micro:bit drive, it will update the program inside the micro:bit, but it will never show “myProgram.hex” in the list of files. It’s transferred to a hidden part of the micro:bit’s memory that doesn’t show up as a file.

If you haven’t already done something like this, you might want to try a really simple program that show words scrolling across the screen, like this example: https://makecode.microbit.org/_g8VEtLTzVEFc . Once it’s programmed on a micro:bit the “file” won’t show up, but the words will scroll across the screen whenever a micro:bit is powered up from either a battery or USB cable. It should still work if you disconnect and reconnect the power.

You may want to carefully check the connections on the Maqueen, make sure the micro:bit is firmly plugged in to it, and double check the getting-started instructions from DFRobot (These

Okay thanks for your help

But still when i make the code for movement and transfer it in the micro bit it wont do anything the only thing that i could do is turn on the leds and make a cide for sake and the 2 buttons