Micro:bit V2 + external color sensor + makecode?

Hello! I am trying to connect an external color sensor (https://www.adafruit.com/product/1356 ) to the micro:bit V2 using makecode. It needs to be an external sensor for my project.

I think I need an extension in makecode? I see this one but I cant get the code working. https://makecode.microbit.org/pkg/joy-it/pxt-SEN-Color

do you think I could use this? How would the code work? I want an etrnal LED to show the color from the sensor!

I am so confused! Thanks so much!

It may be best to use the specific sensor the extension was made to use: https://joy-it.net/en/products/SEN-Color or something that uses the same sensor.

It looks like the Adafruit product uses a “TCS34725” sensor and the extension was made for the “TCS3200”. I think these sensors operate in different ways (i2c and counting pulses respectively), so the AdaFruit board probably won’t work with this extension.

Amazon.com lists some TCS3200 sensors that probably would work ok with the extension. Search for TCS3200.

Good luck & I hope that helps a bit!

Thank so much Bill! Do you have any examples in makecode that would work with this?

I can get a 3200 sensor thats good advice! Thanks!

Sorry, but I haven’t ever tried using a color sensor in MakeCode.

I only took a very very quick look at a few 3200 sensors, but most seem to match up with the one the extension was made for. They have inputs called S0-S3, an output, and power (VCC and GND). They sometimes omit things that weren’t connected (or have them connected internally to make it easier to use).