Microbit Developer Setup the code change did not effecting the output

I have successfully configured the microbit make code developer setup on my pc and clearly working locally but the code changes not affecting the output.

Screenshot 2022-07-30 at 7.38.31 PM

@faisalbaabte what files are you changing? also, did you link pxt-common-packages and pxt to pxt-microbit? run this command in the root of pxt-microbit:

npm link ../pxt ../pxt-common-packages

Additionally, any time you make a change in pxt you need to run gulp in the root of pxt

Also any time you make a change to *.less or *.css files, you need to run pxt buildcss in the root of pxt-microbit

Hope that helps!

You might want to share the command line(s) you’re using to build/deploy, which versions of micro:bits you’re using, and how you’re trying to test the updates.