Microsoft arcade horror collab

Can anyone help me make a horror creepypasta collab

I‘m in!

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Just tell me what you need help with😁

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I’m in with music or lore

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Can you make the design of the characters happy and cheerful

I am not that good at makeing pixel characters

You can do what ever you want to do with the music and hidden lore

edits in here

Hey @Opisticks. can you make a jumpscare for the game

I am working on this project now

I’m afraid not now @JustAnotherGdPlayer, I’m focusing on getting my Master’s, and I have a lot of projects in Unity I have to finish.


Ok Then

Teleport sound Did somebody Mention UNITY?


yeah i handle numerous game engines like Unity, Godot, Game Maker, Construct and ofc Arcade Makecode and 20 more

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Nice job

Lol .

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