Mini Mingames

Wassup Forum users! I’m back! Sorry for not posting in a while. I took a break in the middle of the school year to focus on school, and football, but I promise this game is worth the wait. This game is an absolute BANGER! It consists of 4 Miniature Minigames(or “Mini Minigames” if you will) that you will have to complete.

[If you want a fun way to play, open Google and use the Stopwatch to Speedrun through the game. But there’s a catch. See, there is random RNG in picking the levels, and you will never know which Minigame it will pick. So if you get the same Minigame before you complete them all, you have to restart. So far my record is 1 minute 30 seconds. Can you beat that?]

Have fun you guys!


Wow, Fun! Cool concept too! :3