MobileHunt (Game!)

Hi all! I wanted to share my game MobileHunt with the community! The aim of the game is to collect 10 Xamarin logos (the blue hexagons) and avoid the Android(green alien) and Apple(white apple) logos which decrease your life. But fear not! Grabbing the Microsoft Logos will give you life back! :smile:

MakeCode Link

I am looking for ideas to improve the toughness of the game or if anyone has suggestions for new levels or how to make the game even more fun!

A few ideas I have in mind :slight_smile: ::

  • Adding a landing/welcome page to better explain the rules
  • A space invader style level where you shoot bad Logos and avoid hitting Xamarin Logos
  • Adding other logos to the mix

Open to all ideas and suggestions! Thank you!

P.S. Yes I work in the Xamarin Team and therefore the bias :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome, @Sweeky! I always love seeing the games that others create. Love the choice of graphics! I haven’t jumped into Xamarin quite yet … but I’m looking forward to the journey. It’s on the short list of things to learn in the very near future.

I think it would be a really neat twist to add a second level where you shoot the “baddies,” and then alternate back-and-forth between the levels. A lot of classic arcade games did that to add variety to the gameplay, and I think it’d be perfect for your game, too.

You could also try your hand at a maze level (à la Pac-Man and so many others) or a simple platformer for additional variety.

Thanks for sharing!