Monkey Madness

I am making a rhythm game in which the main character is a monkey. I am just making it a single-player game in which you can choose from a menu of songs. Submit your songs here and I will add them to the game as a song. Here’s the beta of what it will look like with animations and such, but I will make the UI/game more polished in the finished version.

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This is cool. nice work! :grinning:

love the animations here are some of my music

This is GREAT MUSIC!! Good job!!!

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I made updated it, now all I have to do is make some music and maps.

the character animation works the buttons work the up down let and right the music is good that i even created my own song with it 10/10

Fixed the note press issue! :slight_smile:


  • Added scroll speed

  • Added no hold note

I will also be adding ‘no random note hits’ then I will start on the actual mapping and such, which will take a while

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