More Classic Arcade Games

I’ve been playing in MakeCode Arcade again tonight. Spent a few hours hacking together clones of Asteroids and Pac-Man. Asteroids has gone well tonight; I just need to implement the rotation mechanism for the ship (which will take some time), thrusters, and the alien ships.

Pac-Man, though, did not go quite as well. I built the maze, but Pac-Man has a hard time making some of the turns. He doesn’t always stop perfectly aligned at an intersection, so changing direction at a T or at a four-way intersection doesn’t always work. I’ll keep hacking away at these, though, and I’ll share with the group when I get some decently functional prototypes.

I spent some time this weekend with my eight-year-old nephew. I told him what I had been working on, and he played my Breakout clone. He found it challenging, and he had a good time with it. Success! He’s looking forward to learning how to create his own games with MakeCode Arcade.

More to come soon!

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Feel free to share out your code! Our physics engine might have some rough “angles”

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