More settings questions

Yay, even more questions on the settings extension!

So, I would like to store some data that is formatted like this:

[["hi", "there", "hope", "you", "are"], ["having", "a", "good", "day", "today"]]

So, it’s a list of a list of strings. In the settings extension, you can only store numbers in an array, which is no problem because strings are just a list of ASCII character codes, which are numbers. We can convert an ASCII code into a letter in blocks:
But I can’t find a way to convert a character to an ASCII code in blocks…(If it’s in Typescript, maybe it’s time to have a writeable gray block :wink:)

But before we get that far, are you allowed to store a list of a list of a list of numbers in the settings extension? Because than all the work above would be useless, converting characters to ASCII codes and back. Or what would it take to store a list of a list of strings?

Since my example array above would only be limited to 15 arrays of strings, would it just be better to just have a bunch of string values with the key being like array_x_y and x would be the index of the arrays while y would be the index of the strings inside the array of arrays? (That was a mouthful)

"array_0_0": "hi"
"array_0_1": "there"
"array_0_4": "are"
"array_1_0": "having"
"array_1_4": "today"
// etc...

Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face: